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With 21 researchers and artists' writings, this catalogue of the Hungarian Pavilion in Venice deals with Szilárd Cseke‘s installation called Sustainable Identities.


Museums, Collections and Sustainability

The concept of sustainability is more and more perceived as a key to the understanding of  what ‘quality’ is, or should be. Museums are and will be increasingly being asked to what extent they contribute to a sustainable future of the social and natural environment. The most generally accepted definition of sustainability is the one given in the Brundtland Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development (1987) saying ...

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Dr Apocalypse

My goal in life is to fabricate a global crisis, coerce almost every single one of my peers into supporting this by making up data and manipulate every day experience of extreme weather events to support the creation of a global socialist utopia. At least that is the general conclusion of a number of commentators about sustainability researchers. That or just an excuse to raise taxes.

At the Global ...

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